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Founded in Izmir in 1973 as the largest facility in the Middle East and the most advanced one in Europe, Pınar Süt (dairy products) is deservedly described as the source of "novelties", "health", "taste" and "life" and as such, was quickly embraced by the Turkish people.

Pınar rapidly paves the way leading to becoming a "global brand" with its dairy products not only in terms of domestic consumption but also as a product group exported to major countries across the world. Having undersigned many firsts since 1973, Pınar Süt takes pride in being the first brand name to establish healthy dairy products concept in Turkey.

Employing cutting-edge technology in the production of milk and dairy products making up indispensable components of healthy nutrition and in their delivery to the consumers, Pınar Süt optimizes the hard work put in by more than 35.000 producers and supports them, thus contributing to the increase of milk production in Turkey.

Date of Foundation: 1973
Relevant Sector: Food
Fields of Activity: Milk (plain, light, functional, organic, flavored), butter, yoghurt (plain, light, functional, fruit, drinkable), cheese (spreadable, traditional, practical, special), fruit juice, sauces, powdered products
Brands/Products: Pınar is the umbrella brand with subbrands for spesific segments like Pınar Denge for functional products, Pınar Kido for kids between 6-12 years old, Pınar İlk Adım for 6 month to 6 year olds, Pınar Beyaz for spreadable cheese.



Turkey's first integrated meat facility satisfying the world and EU norms, Pınar Et presents healthy, reliable and tasty meat and meat products, unwavering from its commitment to ensure high quality and hygiene ever since its foundation.

Pınar Et (meat products) enjoys sustained leadership in its sector thanks to the trust of the consumers secured by its high quality. Pursuing its R&D and marketing activities centered around the vision of presenting differentiated products to the consumers in targeted countries, Pınar Et exports its products to various countries.

Inspected every year by the independent inspection agency EFSIS (European Food Safety Inspection Service), Pınar Et proves that it totally deserves the trust placed in it by the consumers with the top ratings earned.

Date of Foundation: 1985
Relevant Sector: Food
Fields of Activity: Red Meat and Derivatives, Turkey Meat and Derivatives, Flour and Mill products, Processed Seafood
Brands / Products: Pınar Hindi - Ekmekarası - Pratik Yemek - Bizim Mutfağımızdan - Şölen - Denizden - Balık – Açıkbüfe



Sourced from Turkeys natural springs in Aydın/Madran, Sakarya/Gökçeagaç and Isparta /Akçagaç, Pınar's "Yaşam Pınarım" Natural Mineral Water brings this unique gift of nature to consumers in its purest, highest quality and most convienient form.

The Term "Hatural Mineral Water" on Yaşam Pınarım Packaging denotes that the water is pure and has a balanced mineral content. Most importantly, natural mineral water is bottled to reflect the exact same qualities at its spring it has not been subjected to any treatment that would modify its naturally occuring composition.

Date of Foundation: 1984
Relevant Sector: Water and Beverages
Fields of Activity: Bottled natural mineral water including home and office delivery, flavored water
Brands/Products: Pınar Madran, Pınar Yaşam Pınarım, Pınar Denge, Rain


DYO Boya Fabrikaları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

The Company is active in decorative, marine, and industrial paints, furniture paints and lacquers, synthetic resin and polyester, heat insulation, brushes, rollers, car refinishes.Production is carried out at three plants located in Çiğli- İzmir, Dilovası-Gebze and Turgutlu-Manisa.

Çiğli Plant manufactures furniture paints and lacquers, industrial paints, specialty paints, polyester, synthetic resin, car refinishes and textile paints. The plant is the largest one in the Turkish paint sector with an area of 67 thousand sqm on which it is established.

Dyo has the ability to make the different to make different products for interiors, exteriors, meal and woooden surfaces via its color mixng system that produces more than 6.000 different shades. There are 220 Color mixing machines and 24 DYO Shops across Turkey. DYO supplies color cards showing the entire shade range, as well as “the soft one” color cards that includes seven shades that were developed in response to customer demand.

Drawing on its solid R&D structure, the Business launched nanotechnology products in the Turkish market for the first time in the second half of 2005, and once again proved its traditional innovative and spearheading competencies. Breaking new ground in the industry with its nanotechnology products, the Company earned a patent with (substantive) examination for its nanotechnology products from the Turkish Patent Institute, thereby authoring another first in nanotechnology, as well as in the industry. Nanotechnology products the Company so far introduced to the market are Nanoipekmat, Nanomat, Nanotex, Nanosön, Nanolacke, Nano Wood Range and Nano Marine Range.

Date of Foundation: 1954 Relevant Sector: Paints & chemicals Fields of Activity: Decorative, furniture and metal paints & coatings, marine coating, car refinishes, polyester, synthetic resin & emulsion polymer paint brushes & rollers, and heat insulation systems. Brands / Products: “DYO” brand name is used for decorative paints, metal and industrial paints, car refinishes, marine paints, textile paints “DEWILUX” brand name is used for furniture paints, metal paints and polyesters “EVIM” brand name is used for economic line decorative paints. Subbrands are also used together with Dyo and Dewilux. Teknotex, Nanomat, Nanotex are examples of recently launched products’ subbrands.


Viking Kağıt ve Selüloz A.Ş.

Established in 1969 to supply products for the industrial paper sector, Viking Kağıt is Turkey’s first privately-owned paper mill. Since its foundation, the Company got a significant place in the sectors it is active in drawing on its well-trained and experienced employees espousing the visions of constant improvement and betterment and the mission of offering the best to the customers. Having entered the tissue sector in 1996 with toilet paper, towel and napkin products marketed under Lily, Senso and Select brands, Viking Kağıt made it a principle to respond to consumer needs and expectations, and to offer superior quality products. To keep this principle, the Company continually renewed and upgraded its products, and thus has been the name to introduce numerous products and properties that represent “firsts” in the Turkish tissue paper sector.  Launching the first ed sheet towels, the first cotton pulp-added toilet papers, the first three-ply and aloe vera-added toilet papers, and the first aloe vera-added towels, the Company has taken place among the pioneers that create the firsts in the sector.

Date of Foundation: 1969
Relevant Sector: Tissue Paper



HDF FZCO, 2000 yilinda Dubai içinde yer alan Jebel Ali Serbest Bölgesi’nde kurulmustur. Sirket’in kurulus misyonu basta Körfez Ülkeleri olmak üzere tüm Orta Dogu’da Pinar markasinin bilinirligini artirarak, kaliteli ve güvenilir bir bölgesel marka konumuna ulastirmaktir. Gerçeklestirilen yogun ve etkin pazarlama aktiviteleri sayesinde Pinar, bölgede kalitesiyle ön plana çikan bir marka olmus, bilinirliginde kaydadeger bir artis saglanmistir.

HDF FZCO, Topluluk sirketlerinin hammadde ihtiyaçlarinin karsilanmasi ve Topluluk ürünlerinin bölgeye ihraç edilmesinde aktif rol oynamaktadir. Sirket ayrica bölgede Topluluk adina yatirim ve stratejik ortaklik projelerini de yürütmektedir.

Tel : +971 4 887 1161


Each year,YBP further improves its extensive distribution strategy by fully exploiting its customer focused teams specialised in sales and network of 100 expedienced dealers.

Date of Foundation: 1983
Relevant Sector: Sales & Distribution
Fields of Activity: Sales & Distribution of food products
Brands/Products:Sale and distribution of products of all manufacturing companies under Yaşar's food and beverage business and premium brands of other manufacturers 


Çamlı Yem, Besicilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

Çamlı Yem Besicilik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has been carrying on a business in the fields of animal feeding, plant nutrition, stock farming (turkey and bovine) and culture fishing. As an innovator, pioneer and dynamic actor in the sector, it has been endeavoring to meet the continuously increasing needs of the product-service in a sustainable manner. In addition to its brands such as Çamlı Yem, Bioaqua and Biofarm which are consumer-oriented, Çamlı Yem has the widest product range with the brands named Pınar Balık, Çamlı Denizden, Çamlı Yılbaşılık Hindi and Cooldog which are intended for the end users, and it is also one of the leading institutions in many agricultural sub-segments.

  • 1985 - First integrated culture fishing facility and first culture fish production in Turkey
  • 1987 - First fish feed production and first American-style stockbreeding in Turkey
  • 1997 - First turkey feed production and first white turkey breeding in Turkey
  • 1998 - First turkey hatchery in Turkey
  • 1999 - First breeder turkey egg production in Turkey. Production and export of the first shrimp feed in Turkey
  • 2000 - First company that start using extrusion technology in the fish feed production within Turkey
  • 2001 - First integrated organic fertilizer facility in Turkey
  • 2005 - First branded mussel was launched in Turkey
  • 2008 - Production of the first organic fish feed in Turkey
  • 2008 - First branded fish was launched on market in Turkey.
  • 2010 - First company using hydrolyzed fish meal in Turkey
  • 2011 - First and only fish feed containing probiotics in Turkey
  • 2013- First Soil Pool Fish Feed in Turkey
  • 2013- First packaged and processed fish which can be cooked in oven in Turkey

Today, with its hundred kinds of products that reach to final consumers in the areas of feed production, turkey and cattle breeding, farmed fish and plant nutrition, Çamlı has become an Agro Group taking its part in each ring of the food chain from farm to table.

Çamlı defines its principle as to provide quality services and products of high technology and modern production methods, to become distinct through the policy of continuous improvement and to maintain its growth with its leadership in quality. The Company has ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certificate in the production of farmed fish, as well as ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance System Certificate in the production of feed and poultry. Çamlı received “Organic Agriculture Entrepreneur” Certificate, which proves that its production is in compliance with the “Regulation on the Principles of Organic Agricultural Implementations” upon inspection of CERES.

Being conscious of its responsibilities for the sector and for the society, Çamlı has adopted the principle of production, which complies with ethical rules and which considers environment and animal welfare. Being conscious of cognitive capital to be in the foreground within the information society, Çamlı invests in information, education, and research. Çamlı has devoted itself to the agriculture of the country and will continue to work for realizing efficient production and promoting the market through strong cooperation with farmers, suppliers, enterprises and retail sector.

Date of Foundation: 1983
Relevant Sector: Agriculture & Livestock Breeding
Fields of Activity: Agrobusiness unit with compound feed, animal husbandry, farmed fish, organic fertilizer
Brands/Products: Çamlı Yem, BioAqua, BioFarm, Pınar Balık
Place of Production: Pınarbaşı - İzmir


Pınar Foods GMBH

Based in Germany, Pınar Foods is responsible for the production and sale of Pmar-brand dairy products and of Şölen-brand meat products and also sale of Pınar-brand water imported from Turkey in the European market. The Yaşar Group Food & Beverages Group products marketed in Europe include Pınar Madran bottled water Pınar-brand full-fat and semi-fat white cheeses, kashkaval cheese, goat-milk and sheep-milk cheeses, cream cheese, homogenized yoghurt, condensed yoghurt, yoghurt drink, and fruit juices and Şölen-brand grilling soudjouks, beef salami, and beef sausages.

All of the meat and dairy products that the Company sells and distributes are produced in partnership with European countries' most distinguished producers. This approach is what makes it possible for Pınar-branded products to occupy the shelves of many of Germany's leading supermarkets

Date of Foundation: 2000 Relevant Sector: Food Fields of Activity: Water and dairy products marketing and distrubition Brands / Products: Pınar - Madran – Beyaz - Çeşni


Kemipex Joint

Tel: (+7861) 215 6875 -76

Altın Yunus Çeşme Turistik Tesisler A.Ş.

Having undersigned many firsts since 1974, Altın Yunus is a leading establishment in the Aegean Region, in particular, and across Turkey, in general, with its strict commitment to service quality. Turkey’s first resort hotel with 1000 beds, Altın Yunus also stands out with its participatory management focused on the training of its employees and equipping them with vision. The Hotel has been a major contributor to the region and the Turkish tourism with its accommodation capacity that is still unmatched in Çeşme and the Aegean Region, with its authentic hospitality offered constantly at the highest extent and its leading the way in establishing the concept of “guests” in lieu of “customers”.

A heavenly spot for vacationing in the summertime, the Hotel also enjoys the capability of offering aptly targeted responses to diverse needs throughout different times of the year from health tourism to congress and seminar organizations, with its wellness center “Bio Venus” and fully equipped conference halls.