"I am honored to be the founder of this Group and 
I am proud to witness the point at which it stands today.
Selçuk Yasar - Honorary President

1927, the first years of the young Republic...

Durmus Yasar started his business life selling boat and marine supplies in Rhodes. He set up "Durmus Yasar Müessesesi" his first job selling marine supplies and paints, in Seritçiler Çarsisi, Izmir in 1927. 

The first step was taken in 1941 with the establishment of Turkey’s first paint manufacturing workshop. “Yasarin” and “Hazirlanmis Boya”, Turkey’s first domestic paint products, were started to be produced. Having made a modest start, this journey assumed a broader vision in 1945 when Selçuk Yasar decided to grow and transform the business into a holding.

The industrialization movement that started in the 1940s in Turkey increases its momentum in the 1950s...

In this parallel, with the leadership and efforts of his son Selçuk Yasar, Durmus Yasar established the first paint manufacturing facility in Bornova, Izmir in 1954, the year of birth of the Dyo brand. Continuing with its in-depth growth in the paint sector until the ’70s, the Group took the first step of developing through partnerships with foreign investment in 1965, undertaking production licensed by Sadolin of Denmark.

1965 –1985, the years of breakthrough for Yasar Group... 

The know-how and experience gained through the ’60s in the paint industry were transported to the ’80s with the establishment of Ortadogu KVK in 1984, a joint venture with the Danish Kemiks Vaerk Koege company which produces dyeing materials and auxiliaries for the textile sector. In line with the development of national economy, these years saw many investments into diversified sectors in addition to paint, all carefully targeted to the requirements of the country and of the Aegean Region in particular, where the activities were concentrated: food, tissue, fertilizers, beverages, and water, tourism, foreign trading. The Group undersigned numerous firsts in these sectors during these years. Please click for detailed information. 

The firsts:

Micronized Mineral Facility - 1965
Printing Inks Production - 1968
Privately-owned Milk Factory, Pinar Süt - 1973
1100-bed Holiday Resort, Çesme Altin Yunus - 1974
Privately-owned Paper Mill, Viking Kagit - 1982
Spring Water Bottling, Pinar Su - 1984
Privately-owned Integrated Meat Facility, Pinar Et - 1985

Since 1985 to date...

Yasar Group continues to contribute to the Turkish economy with its diversified product portfolio and outstanding services in all the sectors it is engaged in. Turkey’s first fish feed production facility was established in 1987.

The year 1996 saw the Group’s entry to the cleaning tissue sector. Turkey’s first integrated turkey facility covering the whole value chain from eggs to packaged final products that reach the shelves was set up in 1997. The same year marks the kick-off of operation at Desa Energy, the Group’s investment into the energy sector with a view to supply uninterrupted energy to its companies.

In the 2000s, Yasar Group decided to focus on paint and food sectors that it deems as its core businesses drawing from its pioneering initiatives, strong base of culture, experience and know-how. 

The activities did not remain limited to national borders and Yasar Group has also become active in foreign markets, penetrating to the Middle East and Gulf countries with PINAR brand. The Group has obtained a significant volume in its businesses in those regions with HDF FZCO which is subsidiary of Yasar Holding. Yasar Group has continued its leaps in bottled water business expanded its capacity by acquiring two new springs and achieved a rapid growth in recent years.  

In addition to its production activities in three factories in Turkey, the Paint Business pursues its operations in Eastern Europe and Russia with DYO brand, and enjoys a further strengthened presence in Romania after the commencement of local production in this country.  The Group entered the Egyptian market in 2004.  Yasar Group continued to its innovative and functional product launches, organic milk, prebiotic milk, probiotic-prebiotic yogurt in food sector and Dyo nano products in paint sector are introduced to the consumers.

2007 Yasar Holding becomes a part of the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to voluntarily adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies.

Yasar Group is proceeding on its path with the strategy of focusing on its core businesses. The Group has been contributing to the development of the Turkish private sector for 69 years.
With 21companies (four of which rank among Turkey's biggest 500),23 factories and facilities, job opportunities provided more than? people,  more than 1. 000 dealerships, and 200.000 points of sale through which it delivers its products and services, Yasar Holding is today one of Turkey's leading economic actors.
Yasar Group is committed to support the social and cultural development of the Turkish society, as well as the economy...

The Group enjoys the pride of being the owner of the first painting contest organized by the private sector, which dates back to 1967. The first art museum owned by the private sector has been opened in 1985 by Yasar. Firmly embracing the principle of contributing to the social and cultural development of the society ever since its early days, the Group will always sustain the support it extends to the arts, sport and education with its foundations.

Also in the future, Yasar Group will continue to maintain its leadership in its core businesses, to be a role model with its commitment to social responsibilities, and to proceed along the way of globalization with PINAR and DYO.